High point university welcomes you to their tryout where by the following documents will  be Submit through the following email knugent@highpoint.edu

 Completed medical packet copy of insurance card (FRONT AND BACK) PHYSICAL (WITHIN LAST 6 MONTHS)

 Clearance to participate is determined by athletic training department upon submission of the above documents.

 The following must be submitted at Tryout Check-In

– Cheer application signed tryout agreement

 TRYOUT FEE, of Send all questions to Coach Smith


  • Athletes will be judged on collegiate appearance
  • clean skills
  • athletic ability and technique
  • tumbling
  •  jumps
  • knowledge of material
  •  stunts

Below are requirements that will be held to a strict level of acceptance.

 Tumbling 25% of Score

 • Standing Minimum: Back handspring

 • Running Minimum: Round-off 2 back handsprings OR Round-off tuck

 • All tumbling will be performed on the gym court, mats will only be for warm up jumps .

 • Single toe touch

• Jump of choice Stunting

• 2 different entries straight up, walk-in, quick toss, full up, etc.

 • 2 different body positions

 • 2 different dismounts e.g. bump down, 360 cradle, pop-off, front flip, cartwheel out, etc.

 • Fight Song

 • Band Dance

• 2 sidelines Energy 15% of Score

 • Game Day Ready

 • Voice Presence


 • Purple or White T-shirt or Sports Bra (NO OVERSIZED TSHIRTS)

 • Black shorts

• White socks & cheerleading shoes

• Game Day ready makeup

 • Hair MUST be pulled out of face

 • NO long nails

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