Georgia Southern Cheerleading is a demanding, acute, physical activity requiring upper and lower body strength and aerobic conditioning. You have to be in athletic physical condition and your BMI should be comparable. We don’t have minimum/maximum height or weight requirements; however, you are expected to improve your physical conditioning throughout the year. Women and men are equally eligible to try out. Before trying out, please take the time to familiarize yourself with our guidelines that are provided.

Before a cheerleader may be formally accepted onto either team, she/he must pass a sports physical conducted by the University’s Athletic Training Department. This physical is conducted during Summer.                                                                                                                                   Female gender regardless of age may try out for the coed, or both squads. Once your show interest to be on either squad you must adhere to appointments given and be ready to be transferred if need to.

 Clearly, women on the Coed squad are required to be flyers and must be committed to flying in partner stunts and basket tosses, and middle basing and flying in pyramids. Women who try out for the All-Girl squad may try out as a base, flyer, or both, but must be willing to fill the role to which they are assigned.

In general, the goal of the tryouts will be to have athletes demonstrate their cheerleading talents.

All candidates are expected to accept the coach’s decision as final and binding.

To register for Georgia southern cheerleading tryout, sign up using the link below.

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