Hink and Cheerleading Squad Appearances

The Butler University Hink and cheerleaders are ambassadors of the university. They make numerous appearances each year that include athletic, University, non-profit organization, corporate, and private events. Appearance fees go directly into the spirit fund.

Guidelines for Hink and/or Cheerleading squad appearances:

– Requests must be received at least one month prior to the event date.
– Fulfillment of the request will be based on availability of our students. Their classes, games, and other campus events take priority.
-Pose for pictures, & pump-up guests with basic Fight Songs and cheers which cheerleaders can mingle. They do not perform advanced stunts and routines. Music for specific songs can be arranged with the Spirit Coordinator.
– A private and secure changing & break area is requested for cheerleaders, and is required for Hink.
– Water must be provided.
– The Hink costume will not be loaned or rented. Hink can only do the event if one of our trained performers is available.
– Event planners may publicize Hink or the Cheerleaders’ appearance at the event. Images may be used on promotional materials, but must be approved and cleared by Butler University Athletics.

To request an appearance  
The exceptions will be approved by the head coach and the request must be received at least one month to the  event.

Appearance fees are calculated by the time frame Hink or the cheerleaders are at the event.

Appearance Fees

“Hink” the Butler Bulldog

Butler Affiliates – on campus$50
General Public and fans$250
501C Non-Profits/Schools$100*

*Mileage will be added if outside of greater Indianapolis area

Cheerleading Squad (minimum of 4) *

Butler Affiliates – on campus$100
General Public and fans$400

Mileage will be added if outside of greater Indianapolis area
Prices based on a minimum of 4 cheerleaders that can provide spirit & photo opportunities to the event.
 The price will increase if a greater number of cheerleaders is required to do a requested performance routine.

Hink & Cheerleaders

Butler Affiliates – on campus$100
General Public and fans$500 

There will be a 53.5 cent/mile charge determined by the Spirit Dept. for all events outside of the greater Indianapolis area.
All events have a 2-hour maximum.
All Payments will be due by the day of the event.

To register for butler university cheerleading university tryout join using this link


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