Cheer Tryout Process
Our Cheer tryouts for the season will be an open tryout. We recommend each prospective athlete attend our Spring Recruit Clinic.
Prior to tryouts, all CBU  potential athletes must be accepted to the university. All Cheerleaders MUST be a traditional undergraduate or graduate student. You may not be a member of the CBU Cheer team as an OPS student.

Tryout Video Requirements:

If you are interested in completing a video tryout, please email to be approved to do so. Please email videos to to ensure that the entire video comes through please send it via YouTube or Vimeo Link. For Tryout videos, we ask that all candidates be in full game day make-up and hair. Attire: black workout/cheer practice attire.

When introducing yourself you will have to take a video starting with your first and last name, current grade, and answer the following questions:

  1. What is your cheerleading experience and where do you cheer currently?
  2. Why do you want to cheer at CBU?

Game Day Material

  1. Include yourself performing the CBU Fight song
    1. CBU Cheer Fight Song with Tutorial
    2. Include yourself doing any sideline cheer/chant of your choice

Collegiate image, motion technique, memory, crowdlending, and showmanship will be evaluated.


  1. Toe touch and a second jump of your choice
  2. Standing Tuck
  3. Additional Standing Tumbling Pass
    1. E.g., not limited to: Toe Touch BHS, 2 BHS-Toe Touch, 2 BHS-Full, BHS-Full, Standing Full
  4. 1-2 Running Tumbling Pass
  5. At your best tumbling level. Both execution and difficulty will be evaluated.

Please film all skills on non-spring floor or grass. Any skill on spring floor will be asked to do on hard floor.

Qualifying Stunts

  • Low too High to liberty with a pop off.
  • Straight up cupie (extension), power press to single leg stunt (lib, heel stretch, arabesque, etc.), dismount of choice
  • Flyers: Please include the following bodylines: Heel stretch, arabesque, and scale.

If multiple positions, make sure we see the whole stunt in that skill position. Please clearly identify what position you are doing in each stunt.

To register for California Baptist university cheerleaders tryout sign up using the link below.

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