Tumbling isasport of its own  which has become a skill set of cheerleading. Tumbling is an allowance attended by thousands of athletes ,privates and countless coaches whom they look forward to developing the understanding within a team. 

here are some of the tips we have collected from the tumbling expe, 

  • To get the height you need to master explosive power — you have to work on your strength by jumping on high jump
  • patience – when you require to master the tumbling you require gunts and psatrince ,because your body needs to adapt and develop in order to perform well.
  • Develop spine mobility – when performing exercise you have to learn how to move your spine in three dimensions and also strength.
  • Develop strength and grit to push yourself – Getting  upside down is not an easy feat and it takes a lot of confidence in your physical ability .
  • Know your shape – You have to know the shape outside then work on your timing,precision and pace.
  • Developing great mobility and stability of your ankles and wrist – if you work on specik trumbling it will help you give more control power and resistance to injury.
  • Go thour drills ,muster micro movements and facility exe for tring them on full skills .
  • Work on shoulder mobility and chest stretching – if you don’t work on your shoulder and stretch out your chest you will reduce your trumbling potential .
  • hand stance – this is a key skill you need to master before building more solid skills.
  • Reash long – think long ,strong and powerful ,don’t scrunch and fold up like an old bag .
  • Technique – one has to listen  to your coach when correcting or explaining a certain technique because it will help you improve and achieve your goals. Coaches are there to help you , you have to trust them when they ask you to focus on drills and technique .

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