Cheerleading is a fun and engaging game or sport and also it’s dangerous. According to most athlete participating in different sports or games they get injuries a lot e.g broken neck, concussion and fractured skull which may lead to permanent disability and also death for example, when jumping and lamentably you land in an awkward posture which stresses the ligament of the ankle to a point where it fail and start to swole.


When participating in sports like jumping, swimming..e.t.c you have to take a lot of practice in order to be flexible and also your legs and hips must be strong when you do your jumps. before doing it don’t forget to warm up and also don’t push yourself too hard. An athlete should maintain his/her fitness, he should practice in a comfortable place so as to avoid crutches, concussion and twist.


Ankle sprain – this is an INJURY that can  occur when walking, running or jumping and landing badly. Ankle sprain can be treated at home or anywhere by compressing the wounded area with hot/warm water, then wrapping it with a bandage, also by doing appropriate exercise to get you back. Applying ice to the swore part of the ankle typically for some minutes also helps.

Lastly you have to rest in order to reduce the pain and swelling.


Knee injury can be caused by sudden twist,and mostly it occurs when running, jumping or a fall and turns in awkward movement and the pressure put on the knee joint while running.

If the pain doesn’t stop, please visit your doctor because it might be severe. In other cases you can find you need a brace or a surgery.


Anyone can have back pain not only athletes.

Back pain can by,

1. Fitness level, one needs to be physically fit in order to avoid low back pain

2. Low back pain is common at the age of 50 and above,this is where you will find a lot of people complaining about their low back pain.

3.Gaining weight – this is when you eat a lot of calories and junk food,by eating these it can put stress on the back.

Mostly back pain can be caused by excessive jumping, lifting heavy things by force or bending for a long time.

Additionally if an athlete has back pain and it becomes non stop kindly don’t hesitate to visit your doctor.


this is a type of traumatic brain injury or a fracture that is brought up by sudden fall or something accidentally hit your head. eg like when swimming and jumping from a high point and unfortunately u hit your head on the tile in the pool.

These can cause temporary loss of normal brain function, if an athlete finds his or herself in these conditions she must be taken to the hospital and be monitored for a few days before being allowed to return to the practice.

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