Ball State Cheerleaders Selection Agreement Tryouts will be held in the sport building of the campus.

Registration tryout process will begin and there will be cuts and final cuts. All interested athletes must return a copy of the following to

 • Selection Agreement Form

 • Medical Release Form

 • Copy of Insurance Card

 The Ball State University Cheerleaders are an important facet for Ball State University as well as athletic events. There is one team that stunts both coed and all girl. The team cheers for Football as well as Men’s and Women’s Basketball. The individuals chosen to represent Ball State may be asked to represent the university at community service functions as well as national competitions.

Here are the following qualities, characteristics and skills if interested in becoming a member of the Ball State Cheerleading Squad.

 • You must be a full-time student of Ball State University with a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 or a high school equivalent of 2.0 if starting your first year at Ball State.

 • Incoming freshmen and transfer students are eligible to tryout.

 • The Ball State Cheerleaders are a group of young men and women that cheer and perform at athletic events. They are to have a crowd-pleasing appearance and be able to interact with fans and students at all athletic events. Each person trying out for the team must be able to execute the minimum skills required.

 • A Ball State Cheerleader is an outgoing and well-rounded individual. One must be able to be a part of a team that projects positive support not only for his/her team members, but must be supportive of the coach, the cheerleading program and Ball State University.

 • A member of the BSU Cheerleading squad must be physically fit and well groomed. Physical fitness will be monitored and recorded throughout the season. The overall appearance should be neat and clean with an image of self-assurance.

• Each candidate will be asked to do several skills throughout the tryout process. We will be judging each individual on the execution of each skill as well as future potential.

 • All members chosen are responsible to have Health Insurance.

 • The Team will consist of approximately 32-40 total members that will stunt Coed and/or All Girl. The coach’s and advisor’s decision will be final.

  • You will perform a sideline and/or fight song routine to in front of the Coaching Staff and judges.
  • You will be asked to perform several tumbling and stunting skills as well.
  • The coaches/judges may ask each individual female candidate to demonstrate jumps.
  • To reiterate, one team will be chosen that will consist of both Coed and All Girl Stunting.

Please wear the following:

 • FEMALES: BLACK shorts with cheer briefs or Nike Pros, red, white, black or gray tight-fitting t- shirt/and or long sports type bra and white bows for tryouts both days. Please wear cheer shoes and have your hair and make-up, i.e. wear bows in hair, have sides up or in a ponytail, etc.

 • MALES: BLACK shorts and a red, white, black or gray t-shirt. Tennis shoes of any kind may be worn. Please be in appearance, i.e. clean shaven, hair fashioned for a game, etc.

  • No hats are to be worn

        •  Appearance will be looked at as well as your athletic skills.

        •  No jewelry should be worn. This includes earrings of any kind (ears, nose, tongue, etc.), belly button rings, etc.

If you make the team, you will not be allowed to wear any of these items during practices or games. Please understand that the tryouts will be closed to the public. We may video for the use of the Ball State Athletics Department. ALL DECISION ARE FINAL. DO NOT CALL THE ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT OR COACH after the final selection has been made. At this time, this will be the only tryout for the squad and no fall tryouts unless needed. If selected as a member of the squad, you will be required:

To be at all practices and athletic events decided by the coach.

 • Wear the correct uniform, socks, shoes, etc. at all games and performances.

• Adhere to the Code of Conduct Book.

 • Participate in the Sponsorship

• Purchase some if not all personal items (briefs, bodysuits, shorts, bows, socks, compression tops, etc.

• Attend summer practice weekends in June and July as well as summer cheer camp in August.

• Cheer at games during Fall, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Spring breaks.

 • Attend the Mid-American Conference Basketball Tournament in early March (this may occur over Spring Break). The cheerleading season begins at tryouts and ends with tryouts.

This includes summer practices, summer camp, games, alumni functions, national competition, etc. Any position may be changed throughout the season. The coach will make all decisions regarding which individuals will cheer each game, performance or national competition. No one is guaranteed that he/she will cheer at all or any games and/or performances.

PERSONAL COSTS: Although we do our best to keep personal expenses to a minimum, each individual will be required to purchase certain uniform pieces (body suits, briefs, socks, hair bows, t-shirts, shorts, etc.) The men will be required to purchase compression tops. Members may be required to purchase warmups.

SPONSORSHIP FUNDRAISER: All those chosen as a member of the Ball State Cheerleading Squad will be required to participate in the sponsorship fundraiser. Specific information will be given after the squad has been selected.

 In addition to this fundraiser, we will be doing a calendar fundraiser in the fall- info to come

 NATIONAL COMPETITION: The Ball State Cheerleader’s priority is to cheer and support athletic events at BSU. If a national competition is a goal of the squad, it will be viewed as an additional event and will not take away from any normal activity with events for the athletics department.

To register for ball state university cheerleading tryout sign up using the link below.

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