For those who are trying to work on their splits and those are doing perfect worry less because there are plenty of stretches to work on the splits well. The stretches do help your body to be flexible, gain strength and also help the athlete to avoid some injuries. 

Additionally, there are stretches for beginners that can help one to perform well on the ground and master them easier.

                FORWARD BEND

Forward bend stretches are excellent for improving flexibility in the hamstring, lower back and spine.

One has to stand straight up with his feet together and your arms by your side, slowly fold forward reaching towards your toes or the ground. To avoid to strain, you can keep your knee slightly bent and from there you can work mostly in straightening your legs while still keeping your palms on the ground for about 30seconds.

Additionally, don’t force stretches sometimes it’s good to listen to your body.

                      PYRAMID POSE’S

Stand tall with your hips, step one foot back about three to four feet, square your hips forward then hinge them to fold over your front leg, keep both legs straight and reach your hands towards the floor or your front leg then hold the pose for some minutes then switch sides.

                  LIZARD POSE

These pose apparently it mostly focuses on stretching the hips.

Begin in a high plank position then step your right foot forward to your right hand then lower your left knee to the floor. Keep your right knee stacked over your right ankle, after that sink your hips down towards the ground and hold the pose for about 30seconds.

By doing this pose it will help you burn belly fats, tighten muscles, relax your mind and also it will always activate the reproductive organs.

                   PIGEON POSE

These is a yoga stretch that also focuses in hips and lower back.

Bring your right knee forward toward your right wrist and make sure you are in a comfortable position to do your stretches.

  • let your right ankle be somewhere in front of your left hip.

Slide your left leg back and point your toes.

  • Put your hips together and also your legs, slowly lower your hips and body to the ground by stretching your left leg behind you.

You can also stay up high, resting on your elbows or your hand. Stay for about 30 second or longer.

                 STRADDLE POSE

These is a pose that you have to sit up in a comfortable position with your legs stretched out, place your hands behind you then spread your legs as much as you can. After doing that bring your hands in the middle and begin to stretch them until you feel they can’t go any further. Try to lower your chest and head to the ground if possible then you can feel free to tilt in any side you want.

                    SPLIT S 

If you want all your star cheerleader’s To do their very best you have to teach them the stretches and show them even to do at home so that they can be perfect

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