North America is the third largest continent in the world, it is known as the land of freedom.

Two years back I had an opportunity to visit the land of freedom, I was eager to know more when I overheard my father peaking a bone with his friend whom had come to take his family for a holiday. Hats where I got an opportunity to visit America because it was on a holiday. That day I didn’t sleep I burned the midnight oil thinking about the conversation I heard.

The following morning my mum tiptoed to my room and informed me about the good news, that I will be going to America for the short holiday whereby I will accompany my father friend family.

There and then I couldn’t hide the joy I had I picked the phone and rang to my father’s friend to thank him for accepting me to go with them to the land of freedom. Tears of joy were cascading down my tiny chicks forming number eleven I couldn’t imagine am going to experience new things to another world.

I went outside because first I felt upset and depressed when I heard that I will go alone with my father’s friend family but all in all it turned to happiness.

The next morning, I was nervous because I have never even been closer to an airplane heart was pumping erotically like an old locomotive engine, as I walked closer to the plane. My hands were sweating, my eyes were dancing to every corner, my legs were not left behind they were shaking like a chameleon on a frail twig.

In a blink of an eye, we cruised and landed to another ground where we disembark.

I tiptoed from the airport and walked majestically to the new city that looked beautiful than I ever imagined, I was excited to adopt new world, culture, meeting new people and learning new language.

The first day I went to pay a visit to the Canadian Rockies which is the source of the vibrant river and also it is a birth place of Canadian national park. I boarded a train that took me around where a viewed a lot of things including the falls. Lot of people were there including the tourist who came to explore and about its geography.

After there I was attracted by restaurant which was nearby which looked so attractive by the first sight, I tiptoed towards the entrance which was surrounded by a huge garden which totally looked amazing, I kept my self-comfortable not knowing wat I will order for, all in all I was brought an appetizing food which was so yummy.

The next morning the sun was shining on the grass leaves like thousands of small pears dropped from the clear sky, all I was thinking about is to visit the theme park to go to swim and for entertainment, but unfortunately, I went to the Banff national park which is a home of diverse wildlife, it looked so beautiful, there was lakes, peaks and dense forest. The Banff national park offers cozy lodges, hot springs and cultural events.

After there I ended my day at the providence by beach. The beach it’s known for its crystal-clear waters and white sand, I relaxed on the beach for some minutes then I went for swimming.

Restaurant and other amenities are located nearby.

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