Conditional workout is an exercise that helps build our power, fitness level and also involves building, strength, speed and also improves heart and lungs function.

Generally conditioning exercise always challenges our cardiovascular system and helps build body endurance.

On your daily workout you can start with stretching yourself by laying down on your back, bend your knees in an upward position then twist them from your waist from one side to the other for about 20 sec.

From there you can bend down your knees on the ground and also place the palm of your hand on the ground. let your head be in between your hands then stretch slowly backward and remain in the position for a few seconds, and make sure your spine is straight.

After that you can do the normal one dog yoga style where you have to bend and let your fingertip touch the ground for about 2mins.

Here are some of the benefits of stretching our body, it will,

Improve body performance

Increase muscle blood flow

Improve our ability to do daily activity 

It freshen our mind


This is an exercise where one needs to position him or herself by laying down on the back with your fit on the floor, knees bent then place your hands on both sides of the head in a comfortable position then bend your waist in order to lift your body up from the ground. make sure you keep looking straight ahead keeping your chin off your chest in a relaxed position.

Doing these it will help you in,

Burning calories

Improve your body posture

Build muscle endurance

Reduce the risk of injury and pain

Improve athletic performance


Doing this exercise requires you to bring your left hand to your right knee, place your right fingertip on the ground then breath in order to lengthen your spine,breath out.Twist from the base of your spine to the right, before making the twist make sure that your spine is straight in order to avoid any injury.

Benefits of seated twit are,

Increase spinal flexibility

Strengthen muscle 

Increase your strength 

You can also do jumps e.g,

Box jumping


Squat jump

Rope jumping (skipping)and others.

You can mix the jumps in your daily routine workout to improve your flexibility, boost your health and also your strength. Doing these workouts daily will help you in preventing communicable disease.

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