Travel destinations in South America

Tourism refers to traveling for vacation, business or leisure, tourist have always been faced by a dilemma of which place is suitable for their destinations. Explorers Who wish to have a worthy and memorable experience should visit South America because, It is a continent in the western hemisphere, it is bonded with 12 countries. South America is home to the world’s largest river and the driest place. South America is a land of different cultures, it has diverse agricultural products, vast mineral wealth and plentiful freshwater.
Many south American country have strong indigenous presence and culture influence including language, customs and traditions that have passed generation.some facts about this countries is that:

: Their houses doesn’t have door bells
: it’s home to the world largest snake
: Their weather is too hot
: Amazon forest is home to indigenous tribes

The biggest country in South America is Brazil, it has four time zones and it is the fifth largest nation in the world. The flag in Brazil looks amazing, it has 27 stars on it and some colors.
one of the main attraction in Brazil is there are a hundred of languages their but mostly they speak Portuguese, the other thing that will attract your eyes is a tall statue which is a symbolic not only for Rio but for Brazil as whole it is the most recognizable sight, christ redeemer the place is just mesmerizing it attracts a lot of traveler. After seeing the statue you can also go to the maraca stadium and sugar loaf mountain which you will enjoy.

This is a city filled with an incredible rich history of architecture, magical book stores and a large spark. Buenos Aires is known for its popular cafe culture, lively culture and the scrumptious food they offer.
Buenos Aires also offers a lively and dynamic nightlife experience that attracts local tourists.

From there you can visit another amazing country which goes by the name peru. Peru, if we think of it, is an economical country to visit which gives everybody a chance to go and enjoy, Their exchange rate for more developed currencies is favourable and prices of items are cheap.
Peru is one of the diverse countries in the world with its varying geography and microclimates and also a perfect destination for bird watchers and animal lovers as it’s a home of birds, mammals and amphibians throughout its territory.

Traveler’s explore ancient archeological sites like Machu Picchu, the historical sites of Cusco, mouth watering food, highlands, culture and history, diverse and native wildlife.

The future of tourism in South America remains bright for the vast territory, huge peaks and jungle and that makes it an ideal destination for travelers.

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