Happy new month when competition is just around the corner.

These seasons as u can see include a lot of things like cold season, flu season, injury season and so on. One has to take proper good care of herself and also keep hygiene.

Here are some of the guidelines/tips to follow especially for cheerleaders. 

               WASH YOUR HANDS

Cheerleading is a hand on sport meaning a lot of bacteria can survive on hand surfaces anytime anywhere. During cheer season you will come in contact with a lot of germs e.g., when touching your phone, touching the floor mat when doing your practice, greeting one another, untying shoelaces.

Without washing your hands one can get a lot of sickness…but through handwashing it will protect you and others from a range of infectious diseases.

                   COVER YOUR MOUTH

If you get cold virus you have to cover yourself well when you are with your fellow teammates so as to avoid a lot of people getting contaminated e.g. when you get a cold virus you have to cover your mouth while coughing or sneezing so as to protect your teammates.

Others can also spread the cold virus on their fingers, like someone who blows her nose and great someone else. She has already contaminated the virus unknowingly

If the illness is too bad just stay home and take medication.

           WIPE DOWN MATS

Make sure where you are performing your exercises is very comfortable and clean mats, wall, machine and other equipment especially where your hand will be mostly.

Make sure after two weeks or so you have to do a general cleaning, you do not have to wait until your coach tells you, you can do it by bringing disinfectant machines to clean every surface in the desks, gym, railing desks and other places.

               WARM UP PROPERLY

You should warm up properly before starting your exercises in order to awaken your mind and body so that you can be prepared. One should warm up legs, shoulders, arms, back and so on. And also avoid a lot of injuries.

When going for warmups one has to wear appropriate clothing and so when leaving because you can’t walk out with a gym dress code and maybe it’s a rainy season, so you have to dress warmly and stay safe.

         WSA wishes you a healthy season

It’s our honor as WSA to wish you a magical and delightful season. May you give yourself proper care and also don’t forget to keep hygiene and be healthy.

We as WSA can’t wait to see you in the next competition, may you have a festive season ahead.

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