A scorpion is one of the most impressive skills that cheerleaders can perform, whether you are the master in performing the stretch or you are new in the sport, we have some easier tips and tricks to make you more perfect.

Here are some of the stretches that all cheerleaders should perform.


The most basic and necessary skill before pulling a scorpion stretch is a backbend, these poses offer physical and mental benefits ranging from improved flexibility to enhance moods and stress relief.

. Firstly you have to warm up your body with some light stretching to prepare your muscles.

. Start by standing with your feet, place your hands on your back fingers pointing downwards.

. Slowly lean back , pushing your hips forward then maintain a slight bend in your knees to protect your lower back.hold the stretch for 15 -30 seconds.

When you perform these poses it will improve your flexibility, relieve stress, enhance posture and also increase energy.

                   SPLIT STRETCHING

Split stretching servers as a form of mindful movement, promoting relaxation and stress reduction.

There are few stretches you can perform while in your split that can make your scorpion stretch much easier.

  • start by kneeling with one leg extended forward and the other leg stretched behind you.
  • Slowly slide your front foot forward, straightening your legs as much as possible.
  • Find somewhere you can support yourself using your hand on either side of your body.
  • hold the stretch for some seconds or longer if comfortable.

Additionally you should always pay attention to how your body feels during the stretch.


Straps are commonly used in various fitness and yoga practice. When performing it you should choose a good strap, sturdy, adjustable and comfortable to handle.

  • Find a flat surface with enough space around you to perform the exercise well.
  • Ensure the strap is long enough to perform your stretch desire.

Depending on the exercise you are performing, be careful and follow instructions.

  •  Start by standing tall with one hand holding on to a wall or chair for support
  • Loop the strap around one ankle and gently pull your heel towards your glutes to stretch the front of your thigh, hold to these positions as long as you can.

To keep your body flexible you need to pull a beautiful scorpion mostly in your shoulder flexibility, hip flexor and etc…Stretch each day and you will be shocked how quickly your skills improve.

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