Competition season is just peeping around which means a lot is coming, we need to prepare ourselves for the upcoming competition. This round we need to perform the best of our best in order to return our national cheerleading title home.

This season we will travel and have trips all over the country which I know will be fun. These season you will meet with new teams and share ideas, if you are ready to go for the national competition come rock with us so that we can enjoy this season together.

Here are some of the tips to show how prepared you are to travel.

                     BRING EXTRA

During occasions like these when traveling and you know you are going for a long distance and it might be a 3day trip you have to prepare yourself well and pack anything that might be of help when you are there. Pack everything extra socks, shoes, spray and bobby pins.

It’s good to add everything extra because of emergency calls, you can find one of your teammates have forgotten something and one of your extra might be of help. Better carry extra because it helps a lot and helps you stay more relaxed and level headed.


We can say hanging out with new people is a way of knowing and meeting different people and their mind set. You may find it difficult and hard but come to think of it, it’s the best option because in day to day you meet different opinions in life so as you continue to mingle you find that not all come from a silver plate others had to pass ups and downs in order to reach where they are know.

These differences enable you to giggle up with your own way of life then you compare to people’s life lessons, experience and desire of the outcome of what they undergo.

In short we can say that hanging out with people opens our thinking capacity and brightens our life and gives you strategies to develop skills and how to deal with different people you meet.


We know some of us it’s hard to get a sleep especially when you are in a hotel with your teammates in one room, some of them what will be kicking in their mind is all about competition if they will win or not.

It is good to sleep well a day before the competition so that your mind will be well prepared and also your body to rest so that you can perform well in the competition.

It’s good to get to bed early.

                PICK A BADDY

Sometimes competition season is very stressful and that’s why after the cheer you need to take a walk with one of your buddy or that you can have some snacks, talk of the competition how it was ,with all that make sure you have a cellphone with you Incase you get lost you can contact your coach to give you the right direction.

                      GET EXCITED

In life today’s activities being close to a group friends enjoying your day today activities is the most enjoyable part in life, it like you are competing to make your day as successful as possible. Most of the time we lack the friends we desire due to our negative attitude towards others or having bad impression about the perspective of others instead of focusing on the impact and the energy people are giving.

In order to win and have fun you have to take a step and enjoy the moment, let out your positive attitude and let the environment take its course without any negative attitude towards our friends and the environment.

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