Every flyer needs advice when it comes to improving your stand while in the air. Whether you have experience or it is your first time you have to listen to your coaches what they tell you.

like skills in cheerleading practice will always make it easier for the flyers to be flexible and increase the amount of control over their body position in the air.

Here are some of the tips for the coaches if they want all their star cheerleaders to be perfect.


The key to really perfecting body position is to constantly train.

Achieving and maintaining balance is essential for flyers to stay steady while being lifted and thrown. Flyers need to stretch and train daily in order to gain muscle, strength and stability. By strengthening the muscles surrounding joints also provide support for executing high- flying maneuvers safely.

The coaches mostly encourage your flyers to stretch equal, both sides because it will help them build their muscles position and also teach their bodies to be alert without thinking too hard.

              DRILLS PAY THE BILLS

What is really important to all-star cheerleaders’ flyers about flying is to comprehend where to stand. Through consistent practice flyers develop muscle memory which enables them to perform stunts effortlessly and flawlessly during routines.

Flyers should emphasize mostly on learning and know how to stand on a certain part of the foot. If your flyers start to be perfect, then have them start preparing about spinning stunts, socialize with them and have a bone to pick with them so that they can tell you what they need and which part of the foot they put pressure on.


In every stage you will never lack kids who are shy in the team.

What you need as a coach is be around them, socialize with them so that you can know what is their strength, fears and weakness. Also teach them how to have fun so that they can feel free and gain confidence while performing in the air, reaching out all directions smiling and getting connected to something greater.

The more they gain that courage the better they will perform.

                 ALL STAR CHEERLEADERS’ COMPETITION In the high-flying world of cheerleading, training is indispensable for flyers striving for excellence and safety. Flyers can be the best competitors if they dedicate themselves and get attention while in the air and show off what they can do.

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