Travel advice for Cheerleaders

Tourism advice for Cheerleaders

Traveling is an act of going from one place to another, it involves visiting new places, meeting new people and having new experiences which is the reason why i highlighted some Traveling advice for Cheerleaders below. Traveling is a vital part of life that helps us to break out of routine and experience life in different ways, it offers people an opportunity to visit interesting places to learn new things, you can use various means of transport: airplanes, trains, cars, ships, e.t.c.

Traveling expose people to new lifestyle, culture, new people and also new Languages.Traveling helps us to learn the history and culture of places that have passed from one generation to another, travelers explore the various beliefs like historical value and traditions that guide other people e.g in Egypt you can find pyramids and Eiffel tower in France.

Traveling always makes it easier to understand people because you will learn how they eat, speak live and more, it will help you interact with people from other races and explore new geographies. 

There are a lot of benefits in traveling if we think about it and some of the advantages of traveling includes

Meeting new people and make friends
Help one to make new memory
Opportunity to learn new skills and languages
Expands our mind
It uplifts mood
Exploring to new places
Make one healthier
Relieve stress

Despite traveling having benefits it also have disadvantage because
It is costly
It causes excessive fatigue
Health risks
Language barrier
It’s tiring

It exposes individual to the risk of contracting disease
In traveling, culture sensitivity is acceptable as universal positive body language, but one must also maintain culture sensitivity when dealing with different cultures for example
The use of hand signals (OK) is insulting in Brazil, Germany and the Middle east.
In Vietnam never cross your hands when you travel there because it is not accepted there even though it’s a sign with good meaning in many countries.

So one should be very careful in the signs that they make when they travel to other countries.All in all it is no Less than a privilege Enough to travel, To those who get a chance, it brings excitement to their life, whether good or bad it will definitely help u learn a lot.

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