Sports and Games

Sports and Games

A game is mental activity or physical activity that has rules that people do for pleasure, while sports is an activity that involves two teams which compete against each other. Different games and sport are being played in various parts of the world since centuries, e.g horse riding, football, golf and tennis are some of the popular games played around the world. Every nation around the world has national sports e.g Spain they deal with bullfighting, Australia is crickets, Pakistan is hockey and so more, Sports are mostly played outdoors while Games can be played both outdoor and indoor.

Examples of the outdoor sports are:

swimming, Tug of war, Football, volleyball, Netball, hide and seek, Hockey and crickets.

Examples of Indoors sports include:

dots, chess, Laders, snooker and table tennis.

Sports and games keep a person mentally fresh and focused, it helps us develop team spirit and good coordination among teammates, in addition they can improve our self esteem greatly as everyone plays an equally important role in the field.

Games and sport help us reduce pressure and enhance our health and well being by increasing our body blood circulation and strength as well.

There are many advantage of sports and games which includes:

They help one stay fit 

Reduce health risk

Weight management

Stress buster

Build team spirit

Explore interest

And some of the disadvantage are:

One can get injured

some sports or games can be dangerous

and most can be exhausting

Sports and games are recommended for various reasons. It is said that we must indulge in games and sports for at least a few hours in a day in order to stay fit and active both physically and mentally. The key to staying fit is following a healthy lifestyle that includes a healthy diet and exercise.

Some sports activities are also played to seek adventures while some games are played for leisure, They help our mind accept both defeat and victory, similarly they give us the opportunity to meet with many people. Sports and games help us in character building, thereby giving us a sense of discipline and a Fair play that teaches us how to play and cope with defeats.

When we play we imbibe qualities such as honesty, teamwork, leadership and strategic planning and people who indulge themselves in sport activity are known to have good overall personality, they help one understand the importance of staying united to achieve a common goal. They build team spirit which is very important to lead a fulfilling personal and professional life, Therefore we learn to socialize and strengthen ourselves through playing sports and games where we will build and improve confidence level, if we do it regularly our body can be more active and healthy and also it will reduce numerous diseases such as heart problem,obese, diabetes and obesity.

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