Not all cheerleaders will tell you that practice is tough and they probably feel sore the next day. Sometimes athletes do not let their muscles relax, what always kicks in their mind is just training. But they have to wait for the muscles to get rid of the soreness before heading back to practice.


Most athletes are not aware of how to recover after a workout which can lead them to injuries.

Here are some of the top ways to fight the soreness and do your best.

SLEEP – Sleeping is the most important thing we can do in order to repair the muscles, no matter what you do, what you eat or how you exercise it doesn’t matter, what matters most is how you get enough sleep.

Sleeping helps in muscle relaxation and that is where the muscles and tissue will get the repair they need.

ICE BATH – Most professional athletes use ice baths in order to reduce body inflammation which will stay for about 24hrs.

When doing an ice bath, you do not have to take long, it’s just a short 5minute and it will reduce the inflammation.

FOAM ROLLING – It’s used by all-star cheerleaders when they push their body to the breaking point, where the muscles begin to develop a hitch. This can increase muscle soreness.

In order to get rid of this is by using a foam roller, use it on your squats, hamstring, biceps, triceps glutes and back.


HYDRATION – When training you should make sure your body stays hydrated so that it does not bring harm to your body, but if you stay dehydrated you will damage your body and also the muscles which will take time to repair. What you have to do is drink plenty of water both before and after your training so that your body can be stronger.

ANTIOXIDANT – When your muscles swells or get damaged an antioxidant is always there to help in reducing swelling in your muscles once they get damaged.

This swelling occurs when you train your body extra hard and they aren’t resting, pick up some berries or start cherries to mend your muscles and get back to the gym.

PROTEIN – Every athlete should eat protein before going for training, you can eat your favorite protein, meat or shake in order to build and repair your muscles faster and protect them from breaking down during training.

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