• Firstly, candidates will inaugurate themselves.
  • Candidates should also say why they want to be among the ASU cheerleaders.
  • The candidates should also say what attracted them to the ASU and also expand on their availability and the importance of dedication.

N.B The attire to be worn during the introduction should be a business attire. 


  • Tumbling – Candidatesmustperformtheirbest in their running tumbling and standing tumbling skill. Tumbling should be done on a non-spring surface without a spot.
  • Fight song – Only female candidates must perform the fight song.
  • Dance – Bothmaleand femalecandidateswill perform a dance of choice with at least 6 eight -counts and music must be clean.
  • Spirit and performance –Every candidate must perform both cheer and chant of her choice. Standing tumbling must be incorporated into cheer.
  • Jumps – All candidates must perform the following jumps: a toe touch, a pike, a hurdler and a triple toe touch.


  • Females – Black sports bra, black shorts and white cheer shoes no tshirts 
  • males – black t-shirt or muscles shirt, black shorts and black or white shoes

Submit letter of recommendation

Candidates must submit their letters written by their former coach or supervisor. The letter must include the name, date telephone number, email address and position of the recommender and for the letter to be accepted it must be signed using a wet ink.

Submit a head short – Candidates must submit a headshot. Full body pictures are unacceptable.

To register for Alabama state University cheerleading tryout, sign up using the link below.

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