Fitness: Fitness is the ability to mingle with different types of people. It goes hand in hand with physical fitness which is the capability of performing ones daily task efficiently without undue fatigue and had some extra reserve in case of emergency.

Nothing is more important than health and fitness for any human being, staying healthy and fit is not difficult if taken as the first priority, people who take their health seriously and maintaining their fitness do exercises on a daily basis, they eat a balance diet and sleep on time. Eating healthy allows one to stay active and gain confidence.

Being healthy and fit means having a healthy brain having a peaceful mind and flexible movements of the body, Unhealthy and unfit lifestyle can results in premature death. Lack of physical fitness in young generation sets the stage for heart diseases, obesity and even diabetes.

Maintaining health and fitness requires one to
Eat a balance diet
Regular routine of exercise
Have a good quality of sleep
Leave a positive lifestyle
Being stress free

Doing regular exercise such as yoga, push-up, cycling, jogging etc, helps people lose weight and lower the risk of some disease’s such as blood pressure. in every aspect of advantage their is always a disadvantage of not doing exercises to keep your health and body fit and some disadvantage are as follow:
Lack of sleep
Poor mental healthy
Mood fluctuations

For one to maintain a good health and fitness one should always remember to make a heavy breakfast and have a light dinner, take some salad before you eat the meal, don’t stay hungry for long or eat a lot of fast food. Fast food are costly both in terms of money and health while fruits and vegetables are good for our heart. A physically fit person is strong enough to face the challenges of life, There are some eating habits that can make you sick and that’s why if you want to keep fit avoid eating junk food.

Also it is a wise lifestyle choice that will help you live longer and more productive in life. We should avoid substances that are harmful to our decision making and even harm our health e.g drugs, tobacco, alcohol, etc

Being physical fit is important to all age groups so let live a joyful and enjoy all the opportunities that are there available to us.

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