My short Europe tour and why you should

Since my childhood I have always dreamed of traveling around the world. Last year I had an opportunity to travel to Europe with my friends and we visited interesting places like the Eiffel tower in France.

France is well known by the name Paris city of romance. France is the most beautiful and amazing place I had ever visited and there are so many phenomenal things to see so we never got bored. I went to the top of the eiffel tower where my heart was really pumping erotically like an old locomotive engine because I HAVE never gone so high. when you are at the top one could see the whole of Paris, With little knowledge of the french language and idea about french life, I came to love Paris.The city had a electric vibe especially when the lights of eiffel tower sparkle at night.I also had an opportunity to to taste some of the world famous french wines and pastries.

From France we traveled to Italy where I explored more in Rome.The ancient city had a unique character that I could see everywhere from the architecture to the culture and traditions.I also had a chance to taste one of the most amazing Italian foods including: pizza, pasta and gelato.

From there I visited the beautiful city of Amsterdam in the Netherlands.The city was so vibrant, colourful and exciting I visited cafes and restaurants, beautiful canals, stunning tulip gardens and also it has a rich history.

From Amsterdam I visited the beautiful city of Berlin which offered the perfect history of its culture and vibrant night life.The city had several historical Brandenburg gate, Berlin wall, landmarks and also I tasted their famous beer and pretzel.

In conclusion, my trip to Europe was an unforgettable experience, I visited 4 countries and experienced the unique culture and history of each place. Traveling is just an amazing way to learn a lot of things in life no matter the season, traveling always opens a big door for us to explore the world beyond our imagination and indulge in many things.

The brightest adventure of making a tour of Europe is to see, taste, smell and touch everything you have read or dreamt about Europe

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