Africa is known to be the best continent that has 40% of world gold up to 90% of its chromium and also the second largest continent, Africa is inhabited by various ethnic groups and nationalities each with their different language, model, eating, greeting methods, dressing code and dancing.There are various places to visit in Africa: Kenya, Morocco, Tanzania, Rwanda, Ethiopia and more others.

Kenya for example is located in an equatorial area but experiences varying intertropical climate. Kenya is a leading tourism destination in Africa due to its diversity in wildlife, culture and its sunny coast, all these factors provide the country with natural attraction that have greatly boosted the growth of this sector.

Furthermore in Kenya you will find its capital city Nairobi as the best place to visit, because it’s a financial center and it’s a city that thrives with life and consist of innumerable tourist destinations like: tsavo national park which is a colossal wilderness that ranks among the most beautiful places to visit, Kisumu, karura forest Lake victoria, Nakuru national park, water falls, beaches in mombasa etc.

From Kenya, you can also visit Ethiopia which is one of the world’s oldest and ancient countries in the world. It is a landlocked country in the east of Africa, the greatest tourist attraction in Ethiopia is Rock-Hewn Churches in Lalibela, this is a place of faith, festival, mystery and legends that will engage your heart as much as your mind. It has stunning national parks, orienates palaces and warm welcoming tribes people.

Morocco, whose population is made up of both Arabs and Berbers, the major resources of the Moroccan economy are Tourism, Agriculture and Phosphate minerals. Morocco is a popular tourist destination attracting culture lovers, family adventure traveler’s and one gets easy access to the stunning Sahara desert. Morocco remains a major travel destination for its stunning landscape, great weather, horse riding,rich culture and biking are among the attractions people can enjoy in Morocco, Gorgeous beaches along the stretching coastline and other beaches along both Mediterranean sea and also the Atlantic Ocean.

Traveling in Africa is so special, it has unique places in human history. It’s known that it is the only continent that has fossils of human being.I would highly recommend anyone visiting Africa to explore these countries and experience their beauty,culture and uniqueness. 

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